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About Techies Infotech!

Techies Infotech is a result driven organized IT agency and a web development company in Melbourne piloted by the experts of the domain. We worship the divinity of work and hence place innovation, enhancement and execution on the altar of prayers. This not only helps our clients get satisfaction but we as company move a step forward to global growth.

Our primary aim is to not just quench the thirst of the web help seekers, but gift them something which could surpass their expectations.

We stand out with the combination of:-

  • Creative and Professional Team
  • Value for Money
  • Commitments
  • Follow Clients’ Imprints
  • Respect Deadlines

Techies InfoTech has served its customers with the cuisine of Client Centric Services by providing them competitive advantage through highly effective strategies. From the menu of services we provide, the preamble includes Website Design, Website Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing services to our customers across the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, call us or log on to us to have a perfect bend of Talent, Innovation and experience to strengthen your brand’s presence.

Stop being one in the crowd; be one out of the crowd.

With out of the box thinkers, Techies InfoTech is always expected to be unexpected. We feel delight to say that our present and prior clients completely rely on the services we provide. Our passion has made our work and presentation daintier and your presence on the web remarkable and aggressive. With end-to-end solution services, we have been successful in raising the growth graph of our reputed clients and giving a boost to their works.

Let’s work together and make the market odds in favors.

Team Techies

Business Development Manager

Mr. Hardeep Singh

Proficient in building client relationships and achieving customer's delight and growth of company.
Anurag Byala Techies Infotech, Manger CEO

Mr. Anurag Byala

A young entrepreneur of more than 10 years in IT industry with amazing Project Management Skills, he has served more than 100+ clients across the globe.
Ranjodh Singh Techies Infotech, Business Development Manager

Mr. Ranjodh Singh

Marketing Head
Graduated from the top university of USA, his skills as a marketer have been sharpened on the whetstone of experience counting to more than 7 years.
Manisha Byala Techies Infotech, Creative Designer

Mrs. Manisha Sharma

Creative Designer
The mix of high qualification in IT and 3 years of experience create some of the exceptionally beautiful graphics which are irresistible to praise.
Rajesh Arora Techies Infotech, Digital Marketing Manager

Mr. Rajesh Arora

Digital Marketing Manager
With an aim to maintain a coherent brand image for the clients, he knows how to use innovative and trending technologies to bring remarkable results for them.
Jaskaran singh digital marketing

Mr. Jaskaran Singh

Digital Marketing Executive
With an experience of more than one year, he shows great digital marketing skills to serve the enhancement digitally for the customers.
Khushboo Byala Techies Infotech, HR Manager & Content Writer

Ms. Khushboo Byala

Content Writer
With over 2 years of experience as a content writer, she knows perfectly how to play with words and bring out the masterpieces.
Gurpreet Singh Techies Infotech, Video Editor Team Lead

Mr. Gurpreet Singh

Sr. Video Production Manager
The creativity and skills he possesses are evident from the exceptional videos he produces. His experience of 4 years makes him excellent in the videos.
Arveena  Techies Infotech, Creative Design Team Leader

Ms. Arveena

Creative Design Team Leader
A perfect blend of High qualification in graphic designing and more than 3 years of experience, She knows how to manage the team and keep customer satisfaction.
chander-sharma Techies Infotech, content writing Team Lead

Mr. Chander Sharma

Content Writing Team Leader
He is the Content Writer of our Company, His working experience of more than 1 year makes him exceptionally good at playing with words.
Harjinder-singh Techies Infotech, Graphic Designer

Mr. Harjinder Singh

Graphic Designer
With an experience of 4 years, his skills and efficiency know no boundaries when it comes to designing graphics which are not only amazing but also at par with the industry standards.
Akash Techies Infotech, Mobile App Developer

Mr. Akash Jacob

Mobile App Developer
A powerhouse of skills & talent, he is the master of mobile app development. He possesses a dynamic personality with 6 years of experience as a mobile app developer.
Paljinder-singh Techies Infotech, Mobile App Developer

Mr. Paljinder Singh

Senior Web Developer
He is a passionate and smart web developer who knows the knack of developing awesome and feature-rich websites. With an experience of 8 years and possessing the right set of skills, he is a master of his domain in the industry.
Mohit-kumar Techies Infotech, Web Designer/UI-UX

Mr. Mohit Kumar

Web and UI/UX Designer
He is a young mind possessing a wealth of skills and experience required to deliver web and UI/UX design services. Having invested 4+ years in the domain, he knows how to make the best use of his knowledge in rendering exceptional services.
jagtar-singh Techies Infotech, Web Designer/UI-UX

Mr. Jagtar Singh

Web and UI Designer
Web designing is what this techie excels in. His experience of 3.5 years as a web designer has turned him into a professional who can make the IT world fall in love with his expertise.
loveena Techies Infotech, Full Stack Developer

Ms. Loveena Dogra

Full Stack Developer
Full stack developer with rich experience of 5+ years in cutting edge technologies like NodeJS, Angular, Ionic Framework & delivering top notch quality projects to customers across the globe.

Partners & Clients

Being the developers by choice, we never went exhausted while doing our work. Maybe this work bore the fruit and our network travelled beyond the geographical boundaries. We are now first preference of many start-ups, mid-sized and even iconic brand companies. Our one-of-a-kind services in creative web designing and web development across multiple business galaxies have helped more than 70% clients maturate their business and become one of the constant closers to their customers.

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