Best & Affordable e-Learning Services in Melbourne, Australia

We promote Leisure with Learning and hence believe that one should not get confined to 4 walls or time barriers to learning. Hence, we present 360 degree eLearning Solutions services which include developing of:

HTML5 Courses

HTML5 Courses

Now become an expert in platform development by getting engaged in our HTML5 courses. Learn the technicalities and make compelling web platforms.

Content Development

Content Development

Content is the king and plays a pivotal role in every sector of the economy. Hence, we provide compelling Content Development courses to soften and enhance your skills.

Notebook and Pen Vector

Mini Video Nuggets

We have the experts in creating 3-4 minute informative videos. Now get the tit-bits of information in a quick time span with our mini video nuggets.

Our other Expertise e- Learning Services


Human Resource Softwares

Brimming with the latest technology, develop the human resource softwares to suit the personalised needs of your customers and employees.


Hosted LMS

We have a customizable, super-easy, responsive and hosted learning platform to train people and leave an indelible effect of learning on them.


Certification Engine

Certification or assessment engine can be developed for any learning course with pre-set guidelines and standards.


Language Translation

The market is growing beyond language bounds. Get yourself known to various foreign languages and widen up your scope of success. Try our language translation course now.


Audio-Based Courses

It isn’t necessary that you need to sit down, take the time out and leave everything else to learn. Just plug in your headphones and listen to our Audio Based Courses anywhere anytime.


Learning Management System

Develop a low-cost e-Learning management system, integrated with a wide variety of features and benefits so that you can keep a track on what is learnt and what is left.


Learning Consultancy

Our leaning consultancy helps the organization realize the potential of learning by making them aware of a conceptual and practical approach to e-learning.


Job Enabling Courses

Learn from the courses which are made especially make you capable of doing a particular job by enhancing your personality and giving a makeover to your knowledge.


Old Course Updation

Now decompile and disintegrate your old softwares and mould them according to the new trend and latest recommendations so that it can be operated on any device.

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